Animals As LeadersBehaving BadlyAnimals As Leaders
Animals As LeadersCAFOAnimals As Leaders
Animals As LeadersInamorataAnimals As Leaders
Animals As LeadersModern MeatAnimals As Leaders
Animals As LeadersOn ImpulseAnimals As Leaders
Animals As LeadersPoint to PointAnimals As Leaders
Animals As LeadersSong of SolomonAnimals As Leaders
Animals As LeadersSorayaAnimals As Leaders
Animals As LeadersTempting TimeAnimals As Leaders
Animals As LeadersTessituraAnimals As Leaders
Animals As LeadersThe Price of Everything and the Value of NothingAnimals As Leaders
Animals As LeadersThoroughly at HomeAnimals As Leaders
ApocalypticaBeyond TimeCult
ApocalypticaCreeping DeathPlays Metallica By Four Cellos
ApocalypticaEnter SandmanPlays Metallica By Four Cellos
ApocalypticaEpilogue (Relief)Reflections
ApocalypticaFatal ErrorApocalyptica
ApocalypticaFar awayReflections
ApocalypticaFight Fire With FireCult
ApocalypticaHall of the Mountain KingCult
ApocalypticaHarvester Of SorrowPlays Metallica By Four Cellos
ApocalypticaIn MemoriamCult
ApocalypticaLife Burns!Apocalyptica
ApocalypticaMaster Of PuppetsPlays Metallica By Four Cellos
ApocalypticaNo EducationReflections
ApocalypticaPath (Vol. 1)Path (Single)
ApocalypticaPath (Vol. 2) feat. Sandra NasPath (Single)
ApocalypticaPray - Live in MunichPath (Single)
ApocalypticaPrologue (Aprrehension)Reflections
ApocalypticaRomance - Live in MunichPath (Single)
ApocalypticaSad But TruePlays Metallica By Four Cellos
ApocalypticaSomewhere around nothingReflections
ApocalypticaThe UnforgivenPlays Metallica By Four Cellos
ApocalypticaToreador IIReflections
ApocalypticaUntil It SleepsCult
ApocalypticaWelcome HomePlays Metallica By Four Cellos
ApocalypticaWherever I May RoamPlays Metallica By Four Cellos
AtroxA Mind's EscapeMesmerised
AtroxBurning BridgesOrgasm
AtroxCastle For ClownsBinocular
AtroxFlesh CityOrgasm
AtroxFlower MeadowMesmerised
AtroxHeadrush HelmetBinocular
AtroxHinc Illae la CrimaeMesmerised
AtroxHuman InventionsTerrestrials
AtroxLetters to EarthContentum
AtroxLizard DanceContentum
AtroxLook FurtherTerrestrials
AtroxMare's NestTerrestrials
AtroxMethods of SurvivalOrgasm
AtroxMental NomadsTerrestrials
AtroxNine WishesTerrestrials
AtroxNo Coil For TeslaBinocular
AtroxPanta Rei / Gather in Me No MoreContentum
AtroxSteeped in Misery as I AmMesmerised
AtroxSecondhand TraumasOrgasm
AtroxThe Air Shed TearsMesmerised
AtroxThe Beldam of the BedlamTerrestrials
AtroxThe OceanMesmerised
AtroxThis VigilOrgasm
AtroxTight TieBinocular
AtroxWhat Crawls UnderneathContentum
Bigelf(Another) Nervous BreakdownMoney Machine
BigelfBaron Saturday (live)Closer to Doom
BigelfBats in the Belfry IHex
BigelfBats in the Belfry IIHex
BigelfBlackballCheat the Gallows
BigelfBlack MothHex
BigelfBurning BridgesHex
BigelfCarry the LoadHex
BigelfChangeCloser to Doom
BigelfCloser to DoomCloser to Doom
BigelfCounting SheepCheat the Gallows
BigelfCrazyCloser to Doom
BigelfDeath Walks Behind YouMoney Machine
BigelfFalling BombsHex
BigelfFightCloser to Doom
BigelfFrustrationCloser to Doom
BigelfGravest Show on EarthCheat the Gallows
BigelfHydraCheat the Gallows
BigelfIn the VoidCloser to Doom
BigelfIronheelMoney Machine
BigelfI, The JuryCloser to Doom
BigelfMindhenderMoney Machine
BigelfMoney, It's Pure EvilCheat the Gallows
BigelfMoney MachineMoney Machine
BigelfNeuropsychopathic EyeMoney Machine
BigelfNo ParachuteCheat the Gallows
BigelfPain KillersHex
BigelfRace With TimeCheat the Gallows
BigelfRock & Roll ContractHex
BigelfSalvationCloser to Doom
BigelfSelloutMoney Machine
BigelfSide EffectsMoney Machine
BigelfSunshine SuicideHex
BigelfSuperstarCheat the Gallows
BigelfThe Bitter EndMoney Machine
BigelfThe Evils of Rock & RollCheat the Gallows
BigelfThe GameCheat the Gallows
BigelfTheme OneCloser to Doom
Dream Theater6:00Awake
Dream TheaterAct II: Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries OnMetropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory
Dream TheaterAct II: Scene Nine: Finally FreeMetropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory
Dream TheaterAct II: Scene Seven: II. One Last TimeMetropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory
Dream TheaterAct II: Scene Seven: I. The Dance of EternityMetropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory
Dream TheaterAct II: Scene Six: HomeMetropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory
Dream TheaterAct I: Scene Five: Through Her EyesMetropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory
Dream TheaterAct I: Scene Four: Beyond This LifeMetropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory
Dream TheaterAct I: Scene One: RegressionMetropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory
Dream TheaterAct I: Scene Three: II. Fatal TragedyMetropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory
Dream TheaterAct I: Scene Three: I. Through My WordsMetropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory
Dream TheaterAct I: Scene Two: II. Strange Déjà VuMetropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory
Dream TheaterAct I: Scene Two: I. Overture 1928Metropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory
Dream TheaterA Change of SeasonsA Change of Seasons
Dream TheaterA Mind Beside Itself: I. ErotomaniaAwake
Dream TheaterA Mind Beside Itself: III. The Silent ManAwake
Dream TheaterA Mind Beside Itself: II. VoicesAwake
Dream TheaterAnother DayImages and Words
Dream TheaterAs I AmTrain Of Thought
Dream TheaterBlind FaithSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence (disc 1)
Dream TheaterCaught in a WebAwake
Dream TheaterDisappearSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence (disc 1)
Dream TheaterEndless SacrificeTrain of Thought
Dream TheaterFuneral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding (live)A Change of Seasons
Dream TheaterHonor Thy FatherTrain of Thought
Dream TheaterInnocence FadedAwake
Dream TheaterIn The Name Of GodTrain of Thought
Dream TheaterLearning to LiveImages and Words
Dream TheaterLieAwake
Dream TheaterLifting Shadows Off a DreamAwake
Dream TheaterLost Without You
Dream TheaterMetropolis - Part IImages And Words
Dream TheaterMetropolis, Part I: The Miracle and the SleeperImages and Words
Dream TheaterMisunderstoodSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence (disc 1)
Dream TheaterOne Last TimeScenes from a Memory
Dream TheaterPerfect Strangers (live)A Change of Seasons
Dream TheaterPull Me UnderImages and Words
Dream TheaterStream Of ConsciousnessTrain of Thought
Dream TheaterScarredAwake
Dream TheaterSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence: II. About to CrashSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence (disc 2)
Dream TheaterSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence: III. War Inside My HeadSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence (disc 2)
Dream TheaterSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence: I. OvertureSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence (disc 2)
Dream TheaterSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence: IV. The Test That Stumped Them AllSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence (disc 2)
Dream TheaterSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence: V. Goodnight KissSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence (disc 2)
Dream TheaterSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence: VII. About to Crash (reprise)Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (disc 2)
Dream TheaterSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence: VIII. Losing Time / Grand FinaleSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence (disc 2)
Dream TheaterSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence: VI. Solitary ShellSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence (disc 2)
Dream TheaterSpace-Dye VestAwake
Dream TheaterSpeak To Me"Cleaning Out The Closet" Christmas CD 1999
Dream TheaterSurroundedImages and Words
Dream TheaterTake the TimeImages and Words
Dream TheaterThe Big Medley (live)A Change of Seasons
Dream TheaterThe Glass PrisonSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence (disc 1)
Dream TheaterThe Great DebateSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence (disc 1)
Dream TheaterThe MirrorAwake
Dream TheaterThe Rover / Achilles Last Stand / The Song Remains the Same (live)A Change of Seasons
Dream TheaterThis Dying SoulTrain of Thought
Dream TheaterUnder a Glass MoonImages and Words
Dream TheaterVacantTrain of Thought
Dream TheaterWait for SleepImages and Words
Madder MortemChangelingDesiderata
Madder MortemCold StoneDesiderata
Madder MortemDesiderataDesiderata
Madder MortemDystopiaDesiderata
Madder MortemEvasionsDesiderata
Madder MortemHangmanDesiderata
Madder MortemHypnosDesiderata
Madder MortemM for MaliceDesiderata
Madder MortemMy Name Is SilenceDesiderata
Madder MortemPlague on This LandDesiderata
Madder MortemSeditionDesiderata
Madder MortemThe Flood to ComeDesiderata
MastodonAqua DementiaLeviathan
MastodonBladecatcherBlood Mountain
MastodonBlood and ThunderLeviathan
MastodonBurning ManRemission
MastodonCapillarian CrestBlood Mountain
MastodonCircle of CysquatchBlood Mountain
MastodonColony of BirchmenBlood Mountain
MastodonCrack the SkyeCrack the Skye
MastodonCrusher DestroyerRemission
MastodonCrystal SkullBlood Mountain
MastodonDivinationsCrack the Skye
MastodonDivinations (instrumental)Crack the Skye (bonus disc)
MastodonElephant ManRemission
MastodonGhost of KareliaCrack the Skye
MastodonHand of StoneBlood Mountain
MastodonHearts AliveLeviathan
MastodonHunters of the SkyBlood Mountain
MastodonI Am AhabLeviathan
MastodonIron TuskLeviathan
MastodonJoseph MerrickLeviathan
MastodonMarch of the Fire AntsRemission
MastodonMother PuncherRemission
MastodonNaked BurnLeviathan
MastodonOblivionCrack the Skye
MastodonOblivion (instrumental)Crack the Skye (bonus disc)
MastodonOl'e NessieRemission
MastodonPendulous SkinBlood Mountain
MastodonQuintessenceCrack the Skye
MastodonSiberian DivideBlood Mountain
MastodonSleeping GiantBlood Mountain
MastodonThe Czar: I. Usurper - II. Escape - III. Martyr - IV. SpiralCrack the Skye
MastodonThe Last BaronCrack the Skye
MastodonThe Wolf Is LooseBlood Mountain
MastodonThis Mortal SoilBlood Mountain
MastodonTrampled Under HoofRemission
MastodonWhere Strides the BehemothRemission
NarniaAngels Are CryingDesert Land
NarniaBack From HellThe Great Fall
NarniaDangerous GameLong Live the King
NarniaDesert LandThe Great Fall
NarniaFalling From the ThroneDesert Land
NarniaGates of Cair ParavelLong Live the King
NarniaGround ZeroThe Great Fall
NarniaInner SanctumDesert Land
NarniaInnocent BloodThe Great Fall
NarniaJudgement DayThe Great Fall
NarniaLiving WaterLong Live the King
NarniaLong Live the KingLong Live the King
NarniaMisty MorningDesert Land
NarniaNo Time to LoseThe Great Fall
NarniaRevolution of Mother EarthDesert Land
NarniaShadowlands (Outro)Long Live the King
NarniaShelter Through the PainLong Live the King
NarniaStar Over BethlehemLong Live the King
NarniaThe Countdown Has BegunThe Great Fall
NarniaThe Great Fall of ManThe Great Fall
NarniaThe Light at the End of the TunnelDesert Land
NarniaThe Lost SonLong Live the King
NarniaThe MissionLong Live the King
NarniaThe Witch and the LionDesert Land
NarniaTrapped in This AgeDesert Land
NarniaWalking the WireDesert Land
NarniaWar PreludiumThe Great Fall
NarniaWhat You Give Is What You GetLong Live the King
Nattvindens GratA Lonely October NightA Bard`s Tale
Nattvindens GratChaos Without TheoryChaos Without Theory
Nattvindens GratIn Gothic ArchwaysChaos Without Theory
Nattvindens GratIntroductionA Bard`s Tale
Nattvindens GratLiquid Silent DreamsChaos Without Theory
Nattvindens GratSadoeroticartChaos Without Theory
Nattvindens GratSethial SealChaos Without Theory
Nattvindens GratSkyfires DanceA Bard`s Tale
Nattvindens GratSleep EternalChaos Without Theory
Nattvindens GratSong Of The Tide WavesA Bard`s Tale
Nattvindens GratSorrow's ShroudChaos Without Theory
Nattvindens GratStormwind The ScoothsayerA Bard`s Tale
Nattvindens GratThe Dance From BeyondChaos Without Theory
Nattvindens GratThe EchoA Bard`s Tale
Nattvindens GratThelemiteChaos Without Theory
Nattvindens GratThe Road Goes Ever OnA Bard`s Tale
Nattvindens GratThe Two OaksA Bard`s Tale
Nattvindens GratTowards The SeaA Bard`s Tale
Nattvindens GratVagabond`s DuskA Bard`s Tale
PoisonblackA Dead Heavy DayA Dead Heavy Day
PoisonblackBear The CrossA Dead Heavy Day
PoisonblackDianeA Dead Heavy Day
PoisonblackHateloveA Dead Heavy Day
PoisonblackHuman-CompostA Dead Heavy Day
PoisonblackIntrouderA Dead Heavy Day
PoisonblackLeft BehindA Dead Heavy Day
PoisonblackLowlifeA Dead Heavy Day
PoisonblackMe, Myself & IA Dead Heavy Day
PoisonblackOnly You Can Tear Me ApartA Dead Heavy Day
PoisonblackThe Days BetweenA Dead Heavy Day
PoisonblackXA Dead Heavy Day
While Heaven WeptEpistle No.81Of Empires Forlorn
While Heaven WeptFrom Empires To OceansOf Empires Forlorn
While Heaven WeptInto the Wells of SorrowSorrow of the Angels
While Heaven WeptOf Empires ForlornOf Empires Forlorn
While Heaven WeptSorrow Of The AngelsOf Empires Forlorn
While Heaven WeptSoulsadnessOf Empires Forlorn
While Heaven WeptThe Drowning YearsOf Empires Forlorn
While Heaven WeptThus With a Kiss I DieSorrow of the Angels
While Heaven WeptVoice In The WindOf Empires Forlorn