CrowbarAgeless DecaySymmetry in Black
CrowbarAll I Had (I Gave)Crowbar
CrowbarAmaranthineSymmetry in Black
CrowbarA Wealth of EmpathySymmetry in Black
CrowbarBuried Once AgainEquilibrium
CrowbarCommand of MyselfEquilibrium
CrowbarDown into the Rotting EarthEquilibrium
CrowbarDream WeaverEquilibrium
CrowbarEuphoria Minus OneEquilibrium
CrowbarExistence is PunishmentCrowbar
CrowbarGlass Full of Liquid PainEquilibrium
CrowbarHigh Rate ExtinctionCrowbar
CrowbarHolding NothingCrowbar
CrowbarI Feel the Burning SunEquilibrium
CrowbarI Have FailedCrowbar
CrowbarNegative PollutionCrowbar
CrowbarNo QuarterCrowbar
CrowbarReflection of DeceitSymmetry in Black
CrowbarShaman of BeliefSymmetry in Black
CrowbarSymbolic SuicideSymmetry in Black
CrowbarSymmetry in WhiteSymmetry in Black
CrowbarTeach the Blind to SeeSymmetry in Black
CrowbarThe ForebodingSymmetry in Black
CrowbarThe Piety of Self-LoathingSymmetry in Black
CrowbarThe Taste of DyingSymmetry in Black
CrowbarThings You Can't UnderstandEquilibrium
CrowbarTo Touch the Hand of GodEquilibrium
CrowbarWalk With Knowledge WiselySymmetry in Black
CrowbarWill That Never DiesCrowbar
Electric WizardBarbarianDopethrone
Electric WizardDopethroneDopethrone
Electric WizardFuneralopolisDopethrone
Electric WizardI, the WitchfinderDopethrone
Electric WizardMind TransferralDopethrone
Electric WizardThe Hills Have EyesDopethrone
Electric WizardVinum SabbathiDopethrone
Electric WizardWe Hate YouDopethrone
Electric WizardWeird Tales: I. Electric Frost - II. Golgotha - III. Altar of MelektausDopethrone
Eyehategod.001%Confederacy of Ruined Lives
Eyehategod30$ BagTake as Needed for Pain
Eyehategod99 Miles of Bad RoadConfederacy of Ruined Lives
EyehategodAnxiety HangoverDopesick
EyehategodBlank / Shoplift (single version)Take as Needed for Pain
EyehategodBlankTake as Needed for Pain
EyehategodBlood MoneyConfederacy of Ruined Lives
EyehategodBroken Down but Not Locked UpDopesick
EyehategodChildren of God (demo)In the Name of Suffering
EyehategodChildren of GodIn the Name of Suffering
EyehategodCorruption SchemeConfederacy of Ruined Lives
EyehategodCrimes Against SkinTake as Needed for Pain
EyehategodDepress (alternate version)Dopesick
EyehategodDepress (demo)In the Name of Suffering
EyehategodDepressIn the Name of Suffering
EyehategodDisturbanceTake as Needed for Pain
EyehategodDixie WhiskeyDopesick
EyehategodDogs Holy LifeDopesick
EyehategodDopesick JamDopesick
EyehategodGodsongIn the Name of Suffering
EyehategodHit a Girl (demo)In the Name of Suffering
EyehategodHit a GirlIn the Name of Suffering
EyehategodHostility DoseIn the Name of Suffering
EyehategodI Am the GestapoPreaching the End-Time Message
EyehategodInternational NarcoticPreaching the End-Time Message
EyehategodInferior and Full of AnxietyConfederacy of Ruined Lives
EyehategodJackass in the Will of God (LiPreaching the End-Time Message
EyehategodJack Ass in the Will of GodConfederacy of Ruined Lives
EyehategodKill Your BossTake as Needed for Pain
EyehategodLack of Almost EverythingDopesick
EyehategodLack of Almost Everything (split version)Take as Needed for Pain
EyehategodLast Year (She Wanted a Doll House)Confederacy of Ruined Lives
EyehategodLaugh It OffTake as Needed for Pain
EyehategodLeft to Starve (demo)In the Name of Suffering
EyehategodLeft to StarveIn the Name of Suffering
EyehategodMan Is Too Ignorant to ExistIn the Name of Suffering
EyehategodMasters of Legalized ConfusionDopesick
EyehategodMethamphetaminePreaching the End-Time Message
EyehategodMy Name Is God (I Hate You)Dopesick
EyehategodNon Conductive Negative ReasoningDopesick
EyehategodPeace Thru War (Thru Peace and War) (alternate version)Dopesick
EyehategodPeace Thru War (Thru Peace and War)Dopesick
EyehategodPigsIn the Name of Suffering
EyehategodRevelation/RevolutionConfederacy of Ruined Lives
EyehategodRun It Into the GroundIn the Name of Suffering
EyehategodRuptured Heart TheoryDopesick
EyehategodRuptured Heart Theory (single version)Take as Needed for Pain
EyehategodStory of the Eye (single version)Take as Needed for Pain
EyehategodSelf Medication BluesConfederacy of Ruined Lives
EyehategodServing Time in the Middle of Nowhere (split version)Take as Needed for Pain
EyehategodShinobiIn the Name of Suffering
EyehategodShop LiftTake as Needed for Pain
EyehategodSister Fucker, Part IITake as Needed for Pain
EyehategodSister Fucker, Part ITake as Needed for Pain
EyehategodSouthern Discomfort (split version)Take as Needed for Pain
EyehategodTake as Needed for PainTake as Needed for Pain
EyehategodThe Concussion Machine ProcessConfederacy of Ruined Lives
EyehategodTurn Troubled TablesPreaching the End-Time Message
EyehategodWhite NiggerTake as Needed for Pain
EyehategodWho Gave Her the RosesTake as Needed for Pain
EyehategodZero NowhereDopesick
GraveBloodtrailBurial Ground
GraveBurial GroundBurial Ground
GraveConquererBurial Ground
GraveDismembered MindBurial Ground
GraveLiberationBurial Ground
GraveOutcastBurial Ground
GraveRidden With BeliefBurial Ground
GraveSemblance in BlackBurial Ground
GraveSexual MutilationBurial Ground